August 17&18, 2013
Two days of learning and coding
One unforgettable event

Year 2 in the Bag

First of all, thank you Nashville!

This past weekend was our second year of CoderFaire and it was even better than the first. Over 200, close to 220, Nashville programmers came out to take part of a weekend of knowledge transfer and hacking. All the feedback we’ve been receiving from those who attended has warmed our hearts and insured we will be back in 2014 for CoderFaire 3.

When we receive praises for CoderFaire we make sure to point out we only setup a framework for a great conference. It’s you Nashville who put the substance into the framework. From the A-level quality talks, to building some wickedly smart projects in the hackathon, we’re only here to help facilitate the community coming together to share how amazingly talented you all are.


I personally want to say a big Thank You to Cal Evans, Kathy Evans and all our volunteers (registration maven: Gabrielle Epstein, swag master: Lewis Lea and room monitors: Joe Shepherd, Kenneth White and Tobin Quandros) for working so hard to make the event go as smooth as possible. We learned a number of things from last year that allowed us to have an even smoother event, providing more focus on the attendees enjoying themselves.

A Shout-out to Sponsors


And then I would like to thank our sponsors without whom, CoderFaire could not have happened. We had some really great sponsors this year and I hope you will go out and thank each one personally. It takes a lot to make CoderFaire happen, sweat, time and money. Cal, Kathy and I can put in the sweat and time but we definitely can’t afford to bank-role the event. It’s our sponsors who make that happen and in turn, make the event happen.

Though we need sponsors to make the event happen, we work really hard to only include those that provide benefits to the developer and have an interest in building long lasting relationships with the community. We’re all in this together and we only like working with those who get that. Each one of our sponsors gets it, and are completely approachable in that regards. We deeply thank them for their continued support.

Disappearing Swag


I would also like to say, Nashville, you like your swag. We had a number of tables full of swag (not including the swag bags), even some swag left over from other conferences, and you took it all. From Kathy, thank you for making room in her bonus room once again. Cal will probably fill it with more boxes, but hey, it’ll be cleared for a while.

Quailty Talks


The talks presented at CoderFaire are the meat of the event and Nashville you did not let us down. I believe in our first year, many people were not sure how to present their topic knowing CoderFaire is a language agnostic event. However, year 2 has proven you all have figured this out. The quality of our talks this year were just as good as year one, but they moved from general topic talks to more specific, let’s build something awesome, talks. This says to me that Nashville is warming up to the idea that from all languages one can learn new usable skills. We love that.

And Of Course We Partied

Last year we had so much fun at the after party that we brought it back to the Nashville Zoo. Moontoast was awesome to sponsor it and even picked the flamingos to be our drinking buddies. We thank them first for their support and second because the walk to the flamingos, and the neighboring bathrooms, were so much more convenient.



For the hackathon we had 60-70 people come out to build projects. On par from last year. But, since last year, Hacknashville has taken the crown of having the most developers attend a hackathon in Nashville with well over 100 attendees at their last event. We tried to beat them, we’ll just have to work harder next year.We are still incredibly happy about the turn out as all this together paints a picture of a vibrant and healthy developer community that is growing by leaps and bounds here in Nashville. It’s such an amazing time to be part of the community.


We had so many great projects built on Sunday with Samantha Copeland — who created a DVD verification tool to scan bar codes of DVDs and then inform the user whether they already own it — taking the grand prize, followed by Cookie Drop . There was also a robot that waved out the ratings on movies from Rotten Tomatoes. Even I got into the spirit and work with Ben Ramsey to document a new programming language who’s syntax is all Beatles song titles and/or lyrics. It was a great exercise in futility for Ben and I. Total, we had 9 projects that were built and presented on Sunday.

The reason Cal, Kathy and I put on CoderFaire is to celebrate the diversity and talent of Nashville’s developer community and in that, I believe we fully succeeded for a second year in a row. We could not have done it without all the people listed. It’s was a dream of ours that you made happen and for that we will forever be in your debt.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Nashville.

Until next year,

A BIG thanks to the extraordinary Jeremy Kendall for the photos. You can view all of Jeremy’s CoderFaire photos here.


Saturday is SOLD OUT

As of Tuesday, August 13th, 2013, CoderFaire Nashville ’13 is SOLD OUT!

There may be tickets available from people who are not able to attend. Keep an eye on the CFN13 twitter feed to see if anyone announces.


Caddis Interactive

As is our tradition at CoderFaire Nashville, Sunday’s hack-a-thon is open to everyone! Join us Sunday at the Nashville School of Law from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM for hacking for fun and prizes. If you didn’t come to the conference on Saturday, be prepared to get really tired of hearing people tell you how awesome it was.

A huge thanks to Caddis Interactive for sponsoring the pizza for the hack-a-thon this year!

Afterparty at the Zoo returns

_JWP2966Great news everyone! We will be once again hosting our afterparty at the Nashville Zoo! This time we’ll be drinking along side the flamingos with light appetizers. Plus, the walk will be shorter than it was to see the elephants.

This year our afterparty has been made possible by the wonderful team over at Moontoast, so make sure to tell them thanks when you see them at the event. I’ve been told they will be wearing Moontoast t-shirts.

The zoo is just a hop and skip away from the School of Law. Here’s a map with directions for you if you’re not sure. The catch this year is you will want to enter at the second entrance, where the lion statues can be found, about 100 yards away from the main entrance towards the parking lot.

View Larger Map

CoderFaire Nashville ’13 Lab – A No Marketing Zone


One of the most exciting parts of Coderfaire Nashville ’12 was the CoderFaire Lab. It was a hoppin’ place for developers to hang out and talk shop. We know that some conferences have an expo hall where sponsors set up booths and wait for developers to come by and notice them; we don’t like those. Other conferences just give sponsors a ticket and expect them to show up and talk to people; we think this stinks too. We’ve attended a lot of developer conferences and we’ve see a lot of different ways to connect sponsors and developers, none of them were exactly what we wanted.

So at CoderFaire we decided to do something different, we created the CoderFaire Lab. Certain sponsors have opted to be “CoderFaire Lab Partners”. Lab Partners have their own space in the CoderFaire Lab where developers can go and talk to them. These spaces aren’t booths, they are conversation areas. If you want to talk about their product, they can pull out a laptop and show you. If you want to ask technical questions about their product, feel free to. All CoderFaire Lab partners are developers first and foremost. If you are having a problem using a lab partner’s product, bring your laptop, sit down at the table and show them.


The CoderFaire Lab is not a marketplace, Lab Partners won’t have running demos, a booth, or any of the normal trappings of an expo hall. They will have developers there, ready to talk to you and help you with their product.

Make sure that when you are planning you conference day at CoderFaire Nashville, you make time to visit the CoderFaire Lab. Thank the sponsors for making the event possible, or just catch up with other developers.

This year our lab partners are:

mashery github-logo basho-logo
stratasan firefly-logic aaron-sanders



Welcome Back Vaco and the Chill Lounge!

Back for a second year, our friends at Vaco are planning another great place for develoeprs to hang, chill, talk shop, or just chat with them about all the great jobs they are looking to fill right here in Nashville.

If you were with us last year, chances are good you got to fly a helicopter and compete for prizes in the Vaco Chill Lounge, we are hoping this year is even more awesome, but only Scott Gordon know for sure.

We know you are going to want to shave off some time to go sit, talk, play games, network, or just see what goodies they are bringing to the party. Oh and while you are there, find Scott Gordon or Alex Nadell and tell them thank you for making CoderFaire Nashville possible.